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Sports Day – Jun 22, 2014

The 2014 Annual Sports and Fun Day was held on Sunday 22nd June 2014.

This year’s theme was LOVE AND UNITY FOR SUCCESS. All the activities had an element that reflected the theme of the Sports’ Day.

It was a day full of fun and merry making at school.


All students and the staff were shared into four groups (houses) RED, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN.

Each house had its flag bearing its colour and all its equipment had the house colour.

Sports events were grouped into three:

  1. Ball games – football and volley ball.
  2. Track events – 13 tack events full of fun.


    • 400M
    • Tyre race-std 2
    • Piggy backing-std 1
    • Block race-std 5
    • Big shoes-std 7
    • E.H.V race-std 8
    • Bottle filling-std 3
    • 100m dash-std 7 & 8
    • Balloon race-std 6
    • Relay 4 by 1-std 7&8
    • 100m race: parent/Sathya community: Ladies & Men



  3. Climax –parents and teachers relays and a tug of war between Sathya Sai fraternity and the parents.

The commencement

The ceremony commenced at 9am with a blissful assembly where songs and prayers were conducted.

There was a headmaster’s welcome speech which entailed the importance of sports and how it has become an integral part of the school’s curriculum. He lay emphasizes on building a sports culture in the school that in future it would include other schools. He reiterated the trustees’ efforts to provide the school with ultra modern sports facilities like the new basketball and volley pitches.

Bro. Ambi, a trustee, who graced this year’s sport day, inspected the guard of honour prepared by scouts. This was done on behalf of the B.O.D. chairman Bro. Kuldip, who had an apology not to attend due to unavoidable circumstances.

The scout band led the whole school, guests and parents in grand symbolic march to the field where everybody joined the warm team to get ready for the big day. There was a revitalizing warm up led by Mr. Obonyo and Mr. Eric.

At exactly 10am we started with the volley match followed by a foot ball match – this took one hour and twenty minutes. At 11.30am we started the track events which took one hour. By 1pm students and parents had gathered in the Auditorium for awards and closing remarks.

Winners and awards

Green House won in this year’s sports activities. The other houses followed this order; Blue House, Red House and Yellow House. Trophies and certificates were awarded to the winners and the participants.


We were pleased to be with School Board member, Bro Ambi, some invited guest, 3 head teachers from surrounding schools and an overwhelming attendance of parents and guardians.(95% attendance)

Rating and remarks.

Bro Ambi rated this year’s sport day to be the most organized.

Parents were very pleased with the organization where they also took part in some events.

Students were immaculate in their new track suits.

Everyone owned the activities especially the staff; hence it ended up being a very successful day.

I take this opportunity to pass my sincere gratitude to all and sundry that made this day successful.

Mr. S. Njeru.