Sathya Sai School Kisaju Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never

Headmaster’s Message

Nov 24, 2013

Bro. Kishin accompanied by the late Dr. Victor Kanu performed its ground breaking ceremony nearly 15 years ago on 24th April 1999. Miraculously our revered Founder Sathya Sai Baba enabled that within 20 months the initial 4 buildings were erected and January 2001 saw the first intake of 32 students in Class 1 and 2.

By Divine Grace, we are happy to say the school has grown leaps and bounds since then. From bare ground it is evident that much has been achieved in this short duration. Please feel free to tour our school premises and see for yourself the Grace of God on our school which is an oasis of quality education in this part of our beloved country.

The school governing body under the chairmanship of Bro. Kuldip Singh firmly upholds the five basic human values which are the guiding principles in the day to day living on campus and the school community at large. The power of these values has been felt within, in the neighbourhood and far beyond. We try to live within and practice the human values. Every school activity in infused with Human values – be it Academics, curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The Gentlemen wake up bright and early in the morning. After getting ready, they sing God’s Glory (Nagar Sankirtan). After breakfast they go straight into an EHV session where the thought of the day is discussed, elaborated and contemplated upon as well as practiced throughout the day.  Every lesson has a value inculcated throughout the academic hours. The Gentlemen also partake in school maintenance, cleanliness, farm activities, winning trophies in various sports at interschool and district level and so much more.

I am happy also to report that our teachers and students go every Sunday to the Nairobi Sai Centre to conduct EHV lessons to the Narayanas who come for the feeding programme.

Every year our students also go out to the local community villages and serve the needy. We call this Grama Seva. This year in commemoration of Heroes Day and Avatar Day  on October 20th being part of “Serve the Planet” initiative, our Gentlemen accompanied by some Teachers and a Director, went to serve Bethsaida Home for aged ladies and disabled  in Kitengela. For example, at a recent public celebrations of ‘The heroes day’ christened Mashujaa, the District education officer remarked in his speech, that amongst the school which participated in the District celebrations, he had proudly noticed that students from Sathya Sai School are very disciplined. This Grama Seva exercise instills virtues of service as Service to Mankind is Service to God. I pray that this continues.

On the same line of values, the Sathya Sai organization has extended its generosity to the needy and destitute children and the aged. The needy children learn free of charge here and receive every necessity. The school has been serving children from Kibera, Kawangware and Kangemi village slums to name a few around the Sri Sathya Sai Centre.

The local community is benefitting from the school in a myriad of other ways too! This magnificent Auditorium is now sought after for Weddings, graduations and networking functions to enhance the local community spirit.

The school allows cattle grazing to help the pastoral community on the school lawns from time to time including water.

Our Gentlemen are keen on upkeep of the environment by planting and nurturing trees that provide shade and fruit which we will enjoy in the coming years as the orchards progress. The availability of sufficient water from both the borehole and harvesting tanks has enabled the proper and successful irrigation of crops in the farm and watering any areas that deserve it.

Over 120 plus students have graduated from this Institution and attained entries in several prestigious high schools. The Alumni is growing and continues to show interest in school matters and they partake in the annual Teacher’s Day and Founder’s Day celebrations.

I can go on talking volumes about this prestigious school, one has to experience it to know.