Sathya Sai School Kisaju Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never


John Maina – Former Student and Head of Alumni

I am John Maina, an alumnus of Sathya Sai School, who studied in this school from class four in the year 2003 to class eight in the year 2007.

Besides managing 385 marks out of the possible 500 in my final exam, I am glad to have received value added education in this school, this is mainly through the teaching of the five human values of Peace, Truth, Love, Right conduct and Non –violence which have played a major role in the shaping up of my life even outside the school. After my class eight I managed to secure a chance in Moi Forces Academy-Nairobi, which is one of Kenya’s most esteemed secondary school, where I pursued my secondary education and managed a mean grade of B(plain) in my form four exam which also qualified me to join Kisii University where I am currently pursuing a degree in communication and media.

With much sincerity I must admit the foundation that I got in Sathya Sai School, is what has brought me this far and the values have continued to be my guide up to now. This school has facilities that are not comparable to any other around, the teachers are dedicated and very loving and this enables them to shape the future of the students, who in Sathya Sai School are not called boys, but instead called gentlemen for the way they carry themselves in a mature manner. All credit goes to our Founder Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for setting up such an institution where these values which are inherent in all human being are elicited from the gentlemen by the help of the teachers.

As the head of the alumni, I am currently working on reviving the alumni of this school. We want to engage in an outreach programme to spread Educare at the grassroots level and we even have plans to go on radio where we will be able to reach a larger audience and spread educare and transform the society we are living in. I am convinced by doing this we will achieve the reason why Baba came which is to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family, through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the inner reality of each being in order to reveal the divine which is the basis on which the entire cosmos rests; and of instructing all to recognize the common divine heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal and rise into the divine.

This is the reason why I did not hesitate to come back to this place where my life was nurtured now that am on holiday from the university, and I would also like to this opportunity to pass my apologies from my colleagues who would have wished to be here but they are still in session in their respective universities and if I may just update you that from the class of 2007 which is the pioneer class of this school, ten of us are currently in the university which I believe is a major achievement for Sathya Sai School – Kisaju. I believe we have set a trend that will be followed by our juniors by being their role models.

I would also like to thank Sathya Sai Baba for this gift he bestowed on us in our country and that has been blessing to most of us.

Thank you,

John Maina

Experiences of other Alumni

It is a school with values that teach and mould students to be people of integrity in the society.

Mark Kuigaiga

I joined Sathya Sai School – Kisaju in the year 2005 in Class 1 and completed in the year 2012 having sat for my K.C.P.E.

What I experienced in this school is something I will never experience in any other school. Sathya Sai School – Kisaju taught me values which moulded me and made me who i am today. In my current school people ask me which school I was in because of my conduct which is extremely good.

The school also enabled me to do different activities by myself e.g house chores, and keeping my environment clean and neat which I could not do before I joined Sathya Sai School – Kisaju. This made me courageous when I joined high school.

The teachers at Sathya Sai School – Kisaju helped me have courage and counseled me when I was preparing to do my KCPE examination, I would wish to give thanks to Mr Gathuku, Mr Oloo, Mr Namanda, my sponsor and Madam Alice my class one teacher who gave me the best foundation.

With all the moulding I received in Sathya Sai School – Kisaju, I am ready to face all conditions in my present high school and in the outside world, aiming to pursue my education up to university level and return to the society what I received from Sathya Sai School – Kisaju.

I would also wish to give thanks to the founder of this school Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for establishing this wonderful school. May God bless Sathya Sai School – Kisaju.

Jakinda Odhiambo Oluoch

I am currently a student of Kenyatta University pursuing a Bachelors degree in Law. I graduated from Sathya Sai School-Kisaju with the pioneer class of 2007. I joined the school in the year 2003.

Since I joined Sathya Sai School, my whole life took a different direction. With the installation of the five basic human values in me, I automatically changed from the person I was before joining the school. This is a special gift given only in this school free of charge, which I and anyone else who has passed through the education in human values will agree with me, is priceless. This is due to the transformation Baba’s teachings bring upon one’s life. These teachings were maniested in me even to High School where everyone rcognised me totally different from the others from my conduct and treatment of people around me.

I will forever be proud and thankful to God for ever becoming a pupil of Sathya Sai School – Kisaju.

Thank you!

Kennedy Kiburi Wangui