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History of the School

By Swami’s Grace, Kisaju school started its operation from January 2001 with Class (Grade) 1 & 2 with 32 students. Every year one class was added and by January 2007 the School became full fledged Primary School with Classes (Grades) 1 to 8 and 1st batch of Class 8 students appeared for Kenayan Board exams. Currently the total number of students are over 150 from Class 1 to 8.

Ground Breaking for the Secondary School took place on Nov 29, 2015. The goal is for construction to be finished by Dec 2016 in time for the first intake of students from our primary school graduates in Jan 2017 for four years of secondary education.

These are some of the major events that have taken place at the school since its inception.

  • 2011 – 2015

    Nov 2015

    Secondary School Ground Breaking Ceremony.

    Apr 2013

    In-House EHV Induction Course for Teachers.

    Apr 2013

    Prof. Anil Kumar visits School

    Nov 2012

    Inauguration of the new Auditorium at the School.

  • 2006 – 2010

    Jul 2010

    Team from Area Education Office visited the school to assess the school’s progress.

    Apr 2010

    Board of Directors formed sub-committees, which will assist in the smooth running of the school. The subcommittees are, Farming, Environment, Maintenance & Sports.

    Mar 2010

    Kajiado County Council Inspec- tor visited the school, and was happy to hear about the impact of SSEHV program in transfor- mation of Character Building.

    Feb 2010

    An Educational expert Mr. Wahome visited the school, to give a talk on strategies to ensure good results.

    Jan 2010

    Top Sathya Sai School Student from Class of 2009 –Au- gustonyi Moi, accorded full sponsorship from Starehe Boys Centre, including boarding.

    Jun 2007

    “Thanks giving” day celebrated at the school.

    Jun 2007

    Visit by the Mapping team from Ministry of Education Science and Technology along with the AEO.

    May 2007

    Visit by Dr. V. K. Kanu (Central Coordinator, Central Africa Region)

    Mar 2007

    School gentlemen extend Human Values in Health Education to the Maasai community.

    Mar 2007

    For the first time our STD 8 candidates participated in Isinya Divisional mock exams and attain 2nd place overall.

    Mar 2007

    Computer labs installed and computer lessons commence with teachers’ training.

    Feb 2007

    Arrival of new female calf.

    Jan 2007

    The school becomes a full fledged primary school with Grades 1-8. This was the first year that the Class 8 students also appeared for the Kenya Primary School Board Exams.

  • 2001 – 2005

    Nov 2003

    A team comprising of Board of Trustees, Board of Management, Headmaster and Teachers visit India to meet Founder of School – Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

    Nov 2003

    3rd Founder’s Day celebrated with EHV and cultural performances by students.

    Nov 2003

    1st School Magazine Published.

    Aug 2003

    Visit by Deputy Director of TAISSE.

    Jul 2003

    Gurupurnima (Teacher’s Day) celebrated by students, local community and devotees with fruit-tree planting, football match, sharing of experiences and counselling and informal EHV discussion groups.

    Jul 2003

    Completion of paved car park area.

    Jul 2003

    2nd EHV seminar of Govt.School Teachers from Isiniya District is conducted. 25 attendees.

    Mar 2003

    A beautifully landscaped pentagon shaped ‘Human Values Gardens’ erected. Students planted and regularly maintain the various species of exotic plants.

    Jan 2003

    3rd Intake of 43 students. Addition of Std 4 class. Total student strength is 121.

    Nov 2002

    2nd Founder’s Day celebrated. EHV and cultural performance conducted by school children at the school.

    Sep 2002

    Visit by Director and Assistant Director of TAISSE.

    July 2002

    Gurupurnima (teacher’s Day) Celebrated by planting of fruit trees.

    June 2002

    Visit by Director of TAISSE (The African Institute of Sathya Sai Education)

    May 2002

    1st EHV seminar for Govt. School Teachers from Isinya District conducted. 15 attendees.

    Jan 2002

    2nd Intake of 46 students, addition of Std.3 class. Total student strength is 78.

    Nov 2001

    1st ‘Founder’s Day’ celebrated with a performance by school pupils at the school.

    Jul 2001

    Gurupurnima (Teachers day) celebrated with Neem tree planting.

    Jan 2001

    Sathya Sai School- Kisaju is registered. First intake of 32 students in Std 1 and 2 classes.

  • 1998 – 2000

    Dec 2000

    Construction is complete. Sai farm is developed.

    Dec 2000

    Sri Sathya Sai Education Trust- Kenya is registered.

    Aug 2000

    Built water trough for livestock and free water distributed to local community.

    Jul 2000

    School awareness campaign and EHV concept initiated in Kajiado district through public meetings and Government administration.

    May 2000

    Swami blesses architectural working drawings and construction commences. Same day ‘Mineral water’ is stuck from a borehole well at 180m.

    Nov 1999

    Swami blesses schematic drawings of the proposed school.

    Apr 1999

    Zone chairman (Brother Kishan Khubchandani) and Central Co-ordinator (Brother Victor Krishna Kanu) conduct ‘ground breaking’ ceremony.

    Ground Breaking Ceremony

    Mar 1999

    A 50 acre plot in Kisaju – Kajiado district is acquired.

    July 1998

    Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba receives a group of teachers from Kenya attending “EHV WorldConference” and blesses ; “Next year there will be a school in Kenya”