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All new admissions have to strictly adhere to the criteria for admissions i.e. the [wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’academics/AdmissionForm.pdf’ linktext=’application form’ /] has to be duly filled with all details provided.

  1. Particulars of the parents in detail
  2. Particulars of the student in full
  3. Status of the child i.e. destitute/underprivileged or contribution paying.
  4. Letters from the Area Chief, pastor of the church /mosque/temple confirming the status of the child and guardian.
  5. Birth certificate.
  6. Death certificate in case of parent/parents deceased.

Note: All above information is as per the admission form in place to make it easier for all to note. Photographs and medical report only on approval of the application.

Written Test

After the application has been screened the applicant will be asked to sit for an entry exam. If found satisfactory by the Academic Council ,the application along with the exam test report will be forwarded to the School’s Directors for their final approval.

Successful applicant will be duly informed by the School Administration of the outcome of the application after which they will be provided with a list of the school requirements. It is mandatory to fulfill these requirements. The applicant will then be required to provide 3 passport size photos and a medical report before admission (refer to the requirement list). The School Administration will then assign a student index number to the applicant before he is admitted and a student file will then be opened for all new admissions.

[wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’academics/AdmissionForm.pdf’ linktext=’Download an Application Form’ /]

[wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’/academics/school-admissions-requirements.pdf’ linktext=’Download a School Overview and Admission Requirements Brochure’ /]

[wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’/academics/school-student-requirements.pdf’ linktext=’Download the School Student Boarding Requirements’ /]