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Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV), is a multi-cultural, multi-faith self-development Programme for children and young people all over the world. The aim of SSEHV is to serve as a simple educational tool to develop positive values in young children and adults so that they learn how to live life and not just earn a good living. SSEHV is part of the process of Educare.

Education has two aspects; the first is related to external and worldly education, which is nothing but acquiring bookish knowledge. In the modern world, we find many well versed and highly qualified in this aspect. The second aspect known as Educare, is related to human values. The word Educare means to bring out that which is within. Human Values are latent in every human being; one cannot acquire them from outside. They have to be elicited from within. Educare means to bring out human values. To ‘bring out’ means to translate them into action.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba

The SSEHV Programme has several goals:

  • To help children realize their innate goodness.
  • To bring out the inherent values, of TruthRight ActionPeaceLove and Non-Violence, in the children and to guide them to practice these values in their daily life.
  • To help teachers, parents and children to re-focus on these five basic positive values that underlie all aspects of a moral society.
  • To help young people to be in touch with their own feelings and nurture awareness of the qualities within themselves which form good character and behaviour.
  • To help children to explore concepts of right and wrong through the use of story telling, role play, songs, games and drama.
  • To achieve human excellence by cultivating the values  through unity of thought, word and deed (3HV).

3HV – Head Value, Heart Value, Hand Value

3HV is building character on three levels – the Head Value, the Heart Value, and the Hand Value:

For more information on 3HV, Download this [wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’3hv/SATHYA-SAI-SCHOOL-3HV-SEMINAR.pdf’ linktext=’information booklet’ /] from a workshop on 3HV conducted at the school.

The Five Basic Human Values

The five basic human values of TruthRight ActionPeaceLove and Non-Violence are all interrelated and connected through 3HV – Thought, Word, and Deed.

Love as thought is Truth

Love as action is Right Action

Love as feeling is Peace

Love as understanding is Non Violence

Love is our nature

Teachers and parents both play a critical role in bringing out these values in children. Parents are the primary character trainers and SSEHV programme reinforcers, while teachers are responsible for incorporating human values teaching into the lessons as well as leading by example.

Dear Teachers,

You are the makers of the future of mankind. You can weaken or strengthen the foundation of life. You are the planners and engineers who lay the royal road of peach and prosperity. You are the ray of hope that illumines the dismal night enveloping all countries. You are the revealers of the divine power that animates every loving being and prompts each towards self-sacrifice and self-knowledge.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba