Sathya Sai School Kisaju Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never

Sathya Sai School – Kisaju conducts Grama Seva on Avatar Declaration Day 2014

The 2014 Grama seva themed “love is selflessness and selfishness is lovelessness” was held on 20th Oct 2014 at Sathya Sai School Kisaju.

It was a great Avatar’s Day to the Sathya Sai fraternity, Directors and devotees who had a chance to serve the Narayans.

The occasion was grace by the Chairman of B.O.D – Bro.Kuldip, directors; Bro Ambi, Bro. Amardeep and Bro, Rao.

In attendance we had devotees who included: Sis. Renaka Rao, Mrs Kuldip, Mrs Armadeep, Mr.& Mrs Kotian, Bro Arun, Bro Kapoor, Bro Pakash among the others.

We had identified about fifty narayanas who became the beneficiaries of 2014 Grama Seva.


  • The occasion began at around 10:30 AM with a warm welcome at the assembly ground.
  • The headteacher and the chairman of the B.O.D welcomed all the visitors and stressed the importance of this day using the thought of the day.
  • The breakdown of what would be anticipated during the day was also reteracted.

Narayans Arrival and Transport

The school min van and pick up van ferried the narayana from kisaju and the environs of the school.

By 10:45 AM most the narayana has settled in the dining hall for a delicious cup of tea and mandazi where they mingled with students who used the native language to explain what they learn at the school, the application the daily thoughts and human values.

Settling Down at the Auditorium

At around 11.00 AM students, visitors and Narayanas were watching a movie on Baba’s Pure Love in the auditorium. This was meant to set the mood of the on selfless love.

Presentation by the Students and the Narayans

Sathya Sai School gents put on a thrilling performance to mark the day:

  1. Choir- voiced tune song on the joy we get by serving others.
  2. Maasai Dance-Aimed at educating people on importance of serving and thanking God for his blessings.
  3. Dramatized dance- taught the importance of Grama seva, its meaning and how to bring joy, peace and love in the world.
  4. The narayanas presented a thanks giving Maasai folk song.

Presentation of Gifts to Narayans

By 12:30 AM NARAYANAS started receiving their gifts from the students and the devotees.

The gift hampers had the following items:

  • 4kgs of maize meal
  • 2kgs of green grams
  • 2kgs of beans
  • 2kgs of sugar
  • 1kg of salt
  • 1 blanket
  • 1kg tomatoes

They also got assortment of clothes and shoes.


  • One of the narayanas thanked the school management and directors for their kindness and love.
  • They expressed the joy they had and the blessing they were getting through the school.
  • They requested the directors to think of expanding the school to a secondary School and eventually grow into a university.
  • The chairman of the B.O.D asked the Narayanas to feel welcomed to their school.
  • He urged them to bring in more parents and students to use the available facilities in the school by Baba’s grace.

Lunch / Departure

  • We broke for lunch at around 1:10 PM
  • The narayanas and the students were served with a delicious lunch of rice and stew with an accompaniment of fruits and juice. Everyone ate to his satisfaction
  • By 2:30 PM the ceremony had come to an end.
  • The narayanas were ferried back to their homes and other visitors went back to Nairobi for another function. Some of our students had represented the school at Isinya for Mashujaa Day celebration.They were also back in good time after a wonderful presentation.


  • We take this opportunity to thank everyone for their selflessness and participation in 2014; AVATAR’S DAY CELEBRATIONS at SATHYA SAI SCHOOL KISAJU.
  • The day was a great success and it left numerous blessings in our school.
  • We thank God for the opportunity granted to us to serve-Service to man is service to God say Baba.

This event was also featured on Sathya Sai Universe.