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Self Review 2016 Report

On April 30, 2016, a Self Review session was held at Sathya Sai School Kisaju.

The topics under discussion were:

  1. Characteristic and Distinctive Features of Sathya Sai Schools
  2. School Mission Statement and Philosophy of Sai Education and Educare

This is part of various self-review meetings that the Education Committee of SSIO has asked all Sathya Sai Schools worldwide to conduct.

The opening address by Bro. Kuldip Singh is presented below. The complete report can be [wpfilebase tag=fileurl path=’reports/SelfReviewReport-2016.pdf’ linktext=’downloaded here’ /].

Opening Address by Bro. Kuldip Singh

30th April 2016

Om Sri Sai Ram

According to our Founder Revered Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the prime purpose of education is INFORMATION to TRANSFORMATION.

Through secular education we receive and gather a lot of information. First from our mother, then father and then through the teacher.

This information only helps us to develop skills, getting a job, and a position in society.

But hardly any spiritual education is imparted

We are not taught about yourselves, who we are in reality, our purpose in life, our role and responsibility to society

For hundreds of year’s Secular education merely focused on preparing us for a secular life forgetting about spiritual life.

We are indebted to Baba for providing this priceless gift of SSEHV and Educare to this world.

The central value of SSEHV is that, we cannot attain the purpose of life until we form a proper relationship with the Divinity that is inherent within ourselves.

To realise this inherent divinity in us, we need to develop an inner vision. That is to attain an inner state of harmony of Head, Heart, and Hand. Sai Baba terms this as 3HV. Practicing 3HV leads us to unity of Thought Word and Deed.

Slowly by training our mind and heart we begin to realize the oneness in All, that all are divine. The whole cosmos emanated from the Divine.

This according to Sai Baba is the fundamental purpose of education.

It is through this type of education that our gross, inflexible, distracted and scattered mind is made focused and flexible.

Our hard and callous heart is made tender and soft.

Baba explains to us that when love enters one’s thoughts and words it becomes Truth

When love is expressed in action it becomes Right conduct.

Love as a feeling is Peace.

Love as understanding is Non-violence.

SSEHV is based on these 5 inherent values of love, right conduct, truth, peace, and non-violence.

Students are inducted into spirituality not from scriptures only but from experiencing Divine attributes in Parents and teachers who are exemplars of values … Practicing H.O.P.E.

In SSEHV, both parents and teachers are also engaged in actively pursuing a spiritual path themselves.

For teachers in Sathya Sai Schools, their work is not a salaried job, but a divine call to mould the students to realize divinity and to discover themselves as spiritual beings.

In a nutshell, SSEHV promotes academic diligence, virtuous behavior, spirit of service and sacrifice, social responsibility and universal love.

This school is a divine instrument to impart this model of education.

We have been provided with unending opportunities to serve selflessly leading to our own transformation.

We are all congregated here today to review how Sai education is being imparted here and whether the school is living up to its Mission statement and meets the Characteristics of a Sathya Sai School.

In addition, this meeting is also an opportunity to audit ourselves as to where we stand and score ourselves on our dedication and commitment to further our Founders Divine teachings.

This School is our Karmabhoomi (our holy ground to practice righteous l living).

We warmly welcome you all having travelled long distances to reach here sacrificing your valuable time.

Today’s self-review meeting will be in two sessions i.e session (1) will focus on “Characteristic and Distinctive Features of Sathya Sai Schools”, and in session (2) we will focus on “School Mission Statement and Philosophy of Sai Education and Educare”

This is part of various self-review meetings that the Education Committee of SSIO has asked all SS Schools worldwide to conduct.

We have already conducted 3 meetings (Orientation, Pedagogy and Teaching techniques) more are lined up i.e. Governance of School, Human resources, Financial and Assets management. All will be informed on the dates of forthcoming meetings.

The entire exercise of these self-reviews is for our own improvements.

We humbly request you all to fill the questionnaire cum feedback self-review forms that truly reflects your observations and facts including areas of improvements. This information is vital for us to compile a report to be sent to The Education committee of SSIO. Kindly deposit these forms at the reception table whilst leaving the library hall.

Thank you all, for your valuable time, commitment and energies to travel long distances to be with us on this important meeting. Your unconditional love for beloved Baba and to participate in the running of this Divine Institution is exemplary.

After this meeting, we will join the Grama Seva organized in the auditorium.

Beloved Swami has blessed us all with such a busy and blissful day.

Sai Ram.


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