Serving Villagers on Avatar Day – Oct 20, 2017

Avatar Day - 2017 - Serving Villagers

The SSIO of Kenya celebrated Avatar Declaration Day on 20th October 2017 with love, compassion, and devotion at the Sathya Sai School, Kisaju. As part of a service project, students escorted more than 100 elderly and destitute villagers from neighbouring areas to the school and served them sumptuous meals. Sathya Sai students also distributed hampers to their guests, containing fresh vegetables grown in the school farm, as well as maize, beans, oil, salt, and sugar, and gifted five wheelchairs to the physically disabled. The students entertained the elderly with poems, skits, dances, and cultural programmes based on human values.

On 20th October 2017, the Board of Trustees of the Sathya Sai School in Kisaju inaugurated a medical and dental clinic to serve the neighbouring villages as well as the school’s students, teachers, and staff. Attending guests also visited the new Sathya Sai Secondary School facilities, which were nearing completion.

Avatar Day - 2017 - Serving Villagers

Avatar Day - 2017 - Serving Villagers

Avatar Day - 2017 - Serving Villagers

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Sathya Sai School – Kisaju featured in Sanathana Sarathi Nov 2017 Issue

Sanathan Sarathi - Nov 2017 Issue
Sathya Sai School Kisaju has been featured in the Nov 2017 issue of Sanathana Sarathi (Pages 78-81, and 91-92). You can download the issue here (10 MB).

The excerpts from the issue that pertain to Sathya Sai School – Kisaju are presented below:

Pages 78-81

Sathya Sai Schools

Currently there are 9 recognised SS Schools in Africa: 3 in South Africa, 2 in Kenya and 1 each in Ghana, Congo DRC, Madagascar and Mauritius. The schools subscribe to Sathya Sai World Foundation (SSWF) Guidelines, promoting both academic and human excellence.

The SS School of Chatsworth, South Africa is a comprehensive day school catering for Grade R to Grade 12 and is now in its 20th year of existence. The school annually records a 100% matriculation pass.

The SS School of Kisaju, Kenya is a classic residential primary school and is well managed by the Education Trust of Kenya by SSIO. An environment friendly secondary school is due to be inaugurated in 2018. Both the Kisaju and Uthiru Schools achieve high academic standards in Kenya.

SAISSE provides professional support to the 3 South African, 2 Kenyan schools, Mauritius and Ghana SS Schools.

The Sathya Sai Education Trust of South Africa offers good governance and financial, asset and human resource management whilst the SSIO South Africa provides ongoing infrastructure, maintenance and financial support to all 3 schools.

Accreditation of Sathya Sai Schools: The SSIO International Education Committee is currently reaching out to all SS Schools to undergo an accreditation process. The 3 South African SS Schools and SS School Kisaju had their Accreditation Visits in June/ July 2017.

Sathya Sai Partnership Schools: Partnership schools are developing in Kenya, Morocco, South Africa and Benin. These are either public or private schools, in affluent or slum areas, that have adopted the SSEHV programme.

SSEHV Public Outreach in Africa

SSEHV Youth Leadership Workshops:

To instil discipline and motivation to learn, principals have invited SAISSE to offer Youth Leadership and Team building programmes for school prefects and senior learners. This popular two-day programme uses the ‘right brain’ approach to engage with critical value themes impacting youth.

South African Department of Education Invitation: The Chatsworth District Education Manager invited three Education Committee Members to address 150 school management staff on 29th July 2017 on “handling discipline at schools”. SAISSE is now tasked with training all teachers in the district.

After two years of successful SSEHV training of senior education officers in King Williams Town, Eastern Cape, the Department of Education has invited SAISSE to train all teachers in the district.

Kenyan Department of Education Invitation:

Inspired by the Kisaju Sai School and the SAISSE SSEHV Teacher training, the District Education Officer, invited SAISSE to train 220 school management staff on 11-12 May 2017 at Kisaju School. SAISSE is now due to continue the training of this critical mass to implement SSEHV across the Kajiado County, linking SSEHV to the new Kenyan Education Curriculum Framework.

SSEHV Training Resource Material

SAISSE has published SSEHV training manuals and a SS School Handbook. SSIO Mauritius and Morocco have each launched a CD of value songs in English and French. SSIO Morocco has also translated the SAISSE SSEHV Manuals into French, and Arabic translations are underway. These will be shared via and other sites.

SSEHV Transformation Stories in Africa

Learner Transformation

  • Form 1 learner, SS School, Kisaju: “I joined this school … because my behaviour was not pleasing …I would abuse many people. …I was able to learn human values within the first term …people were shocked …told them that everybody can join. …the founder of the school is Sathya Sai Baba whose mission… make a good society with values“.
  • Grade 3 Learner, SS School, Newcastle: “The children in our informal settlement wait for her to come home from the Sai School. She talks to them about the values and also tells them EHV stories”.
  • Grade 3 learner, SS School, Chatsworth: “Learnt about ‘Seva’ at the Sai School …do more Seva with his dad. He and his cousins have formed a group called ‘the Chettys’ … help feed poor people”.
  • Learner from primary 6 of SS School Lagos: “fire broke out in the nearby village … management decided to help only the parents affected by fire …A little boy saw his mother waiting in the queue to collect items for those affected by fire. He was surprised …his house did not catch fire… He informed the teacher that his mother does not deserve any kind of help …SSEHV made him speak the truth …SSEHV always attracted him … he had a responsibility to practise the same”.

Teacher Transformation

  • Principal of the Les Ecole Union Prive School: “I received SSEHV training with many colleagues … I practise both universal human values and our Muslim religious values …and resolve many conflicts between students and their respective families …Today we speak a lot about violence, competition, war, materialism. The environment in the school … positive and peaceful. I live in peace, I see beauty in everything, I distance myself from conflict and I positively influence my family and professional entourage”.
  • Deputy Head Teacher of SS School, Uthiru: In 2006: “I was sick with pneumonia. At 3.00 am, I saw Swami at my bedside. He stretched His hand and touched my right rib, and I got immediately healed”. In 2017, April: “In a dream Swami called me by name. Baba said: “There is life for the hopeless in SS Schools”.

Pages 91-92

History of Growth of Sathya Sai Schools

By the early 1990s, Sathya Sai Schools were established in Zambia, Thailand and Nepal. Similar schools were soon started in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, Malaysia, Mauritius, Madagascar, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, the Philippines, UK, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Venezuela.

Through the pedagogy of integral education, Sathya Sai Schools around the world have become award-winning models of excellence, and the sites of visitations from educationists and government officials from around the world. Recent examples include country-wide acceptance in government schools of SSEHV training provided by the ISSE in Thailand with the Thailand Sathya Sai School as the model. In Kenya, the district education officer over 60 government schools has taken a decision to broker SSEHV training to all of them due to the influence of the Sathya Sai School of Kisaju nearby.

Gurupoornima Celebrations – July 9, 2017

On July 9, 2017, as is customary every year, Sathya Sai School – Kisaju celebrated Guru Poornima by honouring our main Guru – our beloved Sathya Sai Baba, as well as the teachers at school.

Many parents, guardians, devotees, and well-wishers also attended the event. The celebrations began at 11:00 A.M. with an assembly where the Principal, Mr. Abraham, and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Bro. Kuldip Singh, and Chairman of Sri Sathya Sai Centre – Kenya, Bro. Venkataram briefly addressed the students (“gentlemen” as they are called here) and the visitors. Bro. Kuldip Singh also introduced all the guests to the gentlemen. A guard of honor was held by the gentlemen in honour of some key guests.

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Sathya Sai School Students at the Asian Foundation Stawisha Maisha Event on May 13, 2017

The Asian Foundation of Kenya organized an Exhibition called Stawisha Maisha (Transforming lives and communities) in Nairobi from May 12 – 14, 2017. The exhibition was a way for organizations to showcase their community service activities. The gentlemen of Sathya Sai School were given the opportunity to present a program.

Our gentlemen presented a beautiful programme consisting of multifaith prayers, an explanation of their value based education, how they spend their days at the school, and ended the program with a human values song. Their presentation was very well received and appreciated by the audience.

Below are some photos from the event:

Students Performing at the Asian Foundation Event

Gents Performing at the Asian Foundation Event.

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Introductory Level SSEHV Teacher Training Course – April 3-7, 2017

SSEHV Introductory Level Training Course April 2017

Om Sri Sai Ram!

Dear All,

Trust all is well by beloved Baba’s grace.

We are pleased to report that a residential SSEHV teacher training course (introductory level 1), was held at Sathya Sai School – Kisaju from 3rd to 7th April 2017.

Kindly click this link to read full report (6 MB).

27 teachers from Sathya Sai Schools in Kisaju and Uthiru along with Sai Seva School – Kawengware, attended.

Sis. Lalini Reddy from the South African Sathya Sai Institute accompanied by Bro. Pat Reddy conducted this training.

Teachers learnt various teaching techniques in order to attain academic excellence in both secular and spiritual fields with practical applications in life.

During the opening session District Education Officer acknowledge that the Sathya Sai Education model is panacea for present crisis in the education sector, having keenly observed the positive transformation in students’ character and academic performance by Kisaju School for some years.

Area chief praised the Sathya Sai School – Kisaju fraternity for transforming the students with good character and for schools’ outreach programme to help the needy in the district by serving and caring various senior citizens with food hampers, clothes and wheelchairs.

Evenings were saturated with love, whereby students entertained all with traditional dances, value based drama, skits, including sharing their experiences.

We are indeed indebted to beloved Baba for sending Sis. Lalini Reddy from the South African Sathya Sai Institute accompanied by Bro. Pat Reddy, to conduct this training.

With loving Sai Rams.


Sathya Sai School Kisaju featured in SSIO Bulletin

Sathya Sai School Kisaju featured in SSIO Bulletin

A Leap Forward at the Sathya Sai School of Kisaju

Sathya Sai International Organisation has featured Sathya Sai School Kisaju in their latest bulletin. Please read the brief write-up on:

  1. The hope and transformation that the school is bringing to the local community.
  2. The H.O.P.E. program (Honouring Our Parents Everyday) initiated by the school, that provides training to teachers of others schools in SSEHV.
  3. The secondary school that is currently under construction.

Read the Bulletin in full here.

2016 K.C.P.E. Results

The 2016 KCPE results have been released and with Swami’s grace, the pass rate is 100% with almost 90% of the students securing an average of B- or better. Congratulations to the students and teachers for this impressive achievement. We pray to Swami to continue to guide us to improve every year.

The Class Mean Score was 70%.

The Class Mean Grade was B+(PLUS).

Pos Available Marks 100 G 100 G 100 G 100 G 100 G 500 100
1 MACHATHA CYLUS KINYANJUI 81 A 89 A 84 A 76 A- 74 B+ 404 80.8
2 KARASHA CHRISTIAN LEYIAN 87 A 88 A 73 B+ 74 B+ 80 A 402 80.4
3 OMOKE WESLEY OCHIENG’ 86 A 88 A 73 B+ 74 B+ 80 A 401 80.2
4 MUTUNGA KENNEDY MAMBO 84 A 83 A 83 A 71 B+ 79 A- 400 80
5 OICHOE DANIEL MASESE 79 A- 86 A 83 A 73 B+ 75 A- 396 79.2
6 WAMBUGU JOSEPH MWANGI 83 A 81 A 74 B+ 74 B+ 77 A- 389 77.8
7 GACHUKI ALBERT MUCHAI 86 A 80 A 70 B+ 71 B+ 79 A- 386 77.2
8 CHARLES KENNEDY R. 71 B+ 84 A 81 A 69 B 77 A- 382 76.4
9 RORUA ISMAEL TANANGO 80 A 72 B+ 75 A- 73 B+ 79 A- 379 75.8
10 MOGIRE KAISER MOGAMBI 86 A 83 A 64 B- 69 B 72 B+ 374 74.8
11 NJERI STEPHEN MUCHIRIRA 71 B+ 88 A 81 A 60 B- 73 + 373 74.6
12 WAMBATHA DAVID NG’ANG’A 87 A 76 A- 60 B- 69 B 77 A- 369 73.8
13 MAORA EUGENE MURIMI 76 A- 83 A 66 B 73 B+ 68 B 366 73.2
14 OOKO DANIEL BARASA 67 B 77 A- 73 B+ 69 B 78 A- 364 72.8
15 MWANGANGI THOMAS SILA 62 B- 78 A- 70 B+ 71 B+ 79 A- 360 72
16 CHACHA LUQMAN MWITA 76 A- 84 A 57 C+ 69 B 73 B+ 359 71.8
17 WAITHERA STEPHEN KIGUMO 73 B+ 73 B+ 70 B+ 68 B 73 B+ 357 71.4
18 WASHINDU DILLET JOSHUA 79 A- 80 A 57 C+ 66 B 75 A- 357 71.4
19 NYONGESA DENNIS MURUNGA 60 B- 82 A 75 A- 69 B 70 B+ 356 71.2
20 OTIENO RYAN OCHIENG’ 60 B- 83 A 66 B 69 B 70 B+ 348 69.6
21 OCHOLA JOSIAH OWALO 59 C+ 85 A 67 B 63 B- 73 B+ 347 69.4
22 WAWERU KENNEDY CHEGE 67 B 73 B+ 61 B- 73 B+ 70 B+ 344 68.8
23 KANIU JOHN KUNG’U 75 A- 81 A 56 C+ 65 B 67 B 344 68.8
24 KETEKO SHADRACK SANARE 50 C 87 A 57 C+ 71 B+ 77 A- 342 68.4
25 KONG’ANI MORRIS NGUGI 71 B+ 76 A- 57 C+ 63 B- 74 B+ 341 68.2
26 MATHENGE AARON GACHANJA 71 B+ 70 B+ 53 C 68 B 77 A- 339 67.8
27 YUSSUF YASSIN SEKI 57 C+ 79 A- 76 A- 65 B 62 B- 339 67.8
28 JUMA FELIX OUMA 59 C+ 77 A- 67 B 68 B 67 B 338 67.6
29 MUTUNGA BECKHEM MUTISO 62 B- 82 A 57 C+ 68 B 66 B 335 67
30 RAITA CRONIN KOSKOS 55 C+ 78 A- 62 B- 68 B 72 B+ 335 67
31 MUTTA LENNY CHOKWE 55 C+ 88 A 52 C 69 B 70 B+ 334 66.8
32 WAMBUA COSMAS BAHATI 47 C 80 A 66 B 68 B 71 B+ 332 66.4
33 KUNG’U ELISHA MWAURA 54 C 80 A 53 C 63 B- 66 B 316 63.2
34 OMOLO HILLARY OMONDI 55 C+ 66 B 53 C 60 B- 66 B 300 60
35 OMURWA ERIC MBUGUA 41 C- 76 A- 39 D+ 65 B 62 B- 283 56.6
36 MUNYAKA PATRICK PUSHATI 41 C- 74 B+ 44 C- 60 B- 59 C+ 278 55.6
37 NJOGU VICTOR MUNGAI 57 C+ 59 C+ 41 C- 52 C 67 B 276 55.2
38 LELIT JESSE KASIRIMU 39 D+ 57 C+ 44 C- 58 C+ 62 B- 260 52
SUBJECT MEAN SCORES 67 B 79 A- 64 B- 68 B 72 B+ 70.0