Sathya Sai School Kisaju Love All Serve All - Help Ever Hurt Never

Happy 88th Birthday Swami

With Swami’s grace, we have been able to launch this new website for the school today. To realise the impact of Swami’s teachings and focus on human values in education, here are experiences of some of our students and teachers.

I joined Sathya school in the year 2012. I behaved badly. I started practicing values. I am now a good boy in the society. I am now sharing things with my friends. I love my teachers they teach us values.

Moses Mumo: STD 2

The school environment is conducive and the best site that Baba chose to implement the five basic values in mankind. Before coming to realize the sense of the values in earth, my life was like a bare desert with very little meaning. I actually teased all those I could scare. Since I joined this institution my life has been transformed. I am now classified among the good characters and immersed in the five values. With the blissful environment in school I am now shining in my academic work. Many thanks go to Sai Baba for coming up with the programme. I am now a minister in the sharing and spreading of human values in the world.

Austin Oduor: STD 6

I proudly say that our teachers are there to guide us whenever we loose focus. Sathya Sai School does just that for all of us. The hardworking, selfless and gifted teachers have not relented in guiding us. So, we owe every honour to you teachers. We respect you for your roles are essential for our tomorrow. Truly Sathya School has molded the lives of many including myself. Teachers, you have transformed me from zero to a hero. Thank you!

Brian Obigwa: STD 8

I heard of education in human values and thought it was a denominational based movement by a particular religion. I conceived and believed the values after an induction course which equipped me with the knowhow about EHV on earth. Sai Literature, inspirations and quotes have shaped my behavior by prompting the unity of thought, words and deeds.

Teacher Oloo: STD 6

I am happy to have had a chance to serve in Sathya Sai School Kisaju. I am transformed. I have learnt to respect all the religions as pathways to one God the creator of universe.

Teacher Valence : STD 1

I joined this institution in January 2012. I was amazed to hear from my colleagues that the school is guided by the five pillars of human values. I was gradually introduced to this education which was crowned by an induction course that I attended in Sai Centre later in the year. I was equipped with more knowledge by the brilliant and conversant teachers from Zambia. The induction gave me a momentum to teach and socialize guided by those values. The knowledge now springs from my heart and mind. I have tried to extend the education to the furthest I am able.

Teacher Ruth: STD 2

We pray to Swami to continue to provide his guidance and blessings so that the school may continue to flourish and benefit thousands of children in the coming future.