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H.O.P.E. (Honour Our Parents Everyday) intiative

This is an inspirational story of Swami’s grace recounted by B.O.T. Chairman Bro. Kuldip Bahra.

Last week the Police Officer commanding the Ruaraka Police Station (a densely populated slum at the outskirts of Nairobi) approached us and expressed the rising incidences of Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Thefts, Child Pregnancy, Lack of Parental Care, Student Truancy, Youth Radicalization etc.

He then expressed his frustrations of overfilled jail houses, shooting incidences etc etc… that the current situation doesn’t seem to improve even with fines, jail sentences etc. … That he wants a solution.

Immediately Swami’s message came … Go spread “His” message … take “His” teachings to the slums … Start with the area Primary School … Train the teachers … Introduce SSEHV/Educare … First Start with H.O.P.E.

By Beloved Baba’s grace on Wednesday 3rd June. 2015 . the H.O.P.E.(Honour Our Parents Everyday) initiative was launched at BABA DOGO primary school in Ruaraka.

This primary school caters for 1600 + day students by staff of 40 teachers and 10+ auxiliary staff. Village elders, youth and community leaders also attended the launch.

The school’s Head Mistress accompanied by her Deputy, welcome the OCS Ruaraka Police officer,community leader and myself and introduced us to the entire schools staff and other attendees. After Prayers, OCS police officer conducted the meeting and highlighted the challenges (mentioned above), and then introduced me.

With Swami’s grace we introduced the H.O.P.E programme and explained that the intent is as follows:

  • That parents resemble the Creator, since they were God’s partners in creation of the child. They also represent God in the life of the small child, functioning as primary caregiver and teacher.
  • To teach children that looking after their parents is an inalienable birth right.
  • That Students recognize that parents are the cause of their life in the world and it is therefore proper to love and respect them.
  • To express our gratitude towards our parents for all the effort and love they have and keep showering on us every day of our lives.
  • One of the ten commandments in the old testament and the only one with a promise teaches us to honour our parents, that the Bible teaches us “Filial Piety”.
  • To instill the attitude in students towards their parents and realize they are verily embodiments of Love.
  • Know that the relationship between parents and their children is one of Love, nothing else.
  • Honouring Parents should be everyday not limited to annual Mother’s day and Father’s day where children are obliged to buy a gift for their parents “once” a year.
  • Teachers and parents to be role models by taking care of their Parents in turn and set exemplary lives for children to follow.
  • Abandoning their parents into seniors’ homes to be discouraged.
  • Teachers were introduced to EDUCARE and Values inculcation not only in classroom teaching, but also in curricular and extra curricular.

The Head Teacher was requested to introduce the following prayer in the morning assembly:

Oh God “I will serve my parents in the best way. I will always speak kindly and courteously to my dear parents, no matter how they behave and that “I will never bring tears to my parents eyes. In whatever I do in my life. I will always think of the happiness of my Mother and Father first,and by this means I HOPE to bring happiness to myself and one day my own children will strive for my own happiness.

Whilst we were concluding all attendees expressed their support to this programme and requested that we meet again on Friday 12th to take it forward.

OCS police officer expressed that he wants to turn the entire Ruaraka village into a H.O.P.E. Zone.

The Head mistress requested that their teachers be taken to Kisaju School for “values inculcation” induction course. It was agreed that the course be conducted from 6th to 8th August.