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SSEHV and H.O.P.E. Residential Induction Course Report

By divine grace of our beloved founder of the school, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sathya Sai School Kisaju held an induction course on SSEHV and H.O.P.E programme on 7th and 8th of August 2015.

The workshop was aimed at sensitizing teachers and the community on importance of Educare (The value added education) and the intents and objectives of H.O.P.E. (Honoring Our Parents Everyday) an initiative of Sathya Sai School Kisaju. The programme has become a favorite to many people who have heard about it. It reminds everyone of the inalienable right and responsibility to take care of our parents.

The workshop was overwhelmingly attended by delegates from 14 schools:

  1. View Primary
  2. Baba Dogo Primary
  3. Sai Seva
  4. Drive Inn
  5. Ngunyumu Primary
  6. John Korogocho
  7. Nado – Enterit Primary
  8. Kwa – Kalusya
  9. Kwa – Mboo Primary
  10. Na Sindai Primary
  11. Ng’alalya Primary
  12. Kanaani Primary
  13. Inchorroi Primary
  14. Athi River

Those who also attended are Ruaraka residents and community representatives that include Mr. James Kanga and Ruaraka Sub-county Administrator.

A total of 70 delegates attended the workshop. Kindly see the attached list of the delegates who attended the workshop. Sathya Sai school teachers and directors presided over the workshop as facilitators and co coordinators.

The content covered was as follows:

Day One (7th August)

Life history of Sathya Sai Baba

  1. The birth of Sai Baba – Prophecy, birth, parents and place of birth
  2. Manifestation of Sathya Sai Baba
  3. Selected teachings of Sai Baba

This was well expounded and delegates understood this divine history and divine manifestation in His deeds.

Pedagogy of S.E.H.V

  • Direct teaching method
  • Incidental teaching method
  • Indirect or integrated method

Delegates were taken through the five basic human values: Love, truth, peace, right conduct and non- violence.

They learnt how these values are directly taught to the learners and how they are taught depending on the situation at hand (incidental) method.

Delegates were made to realize the importance of integrating the learnt values into a normal curriculum lesson without changing the content. This is through readjusting to ensure that each topic and subtopics have got a value calculated along the content of the lesson.

Delegates learnt how to make integrated schemes of work, and integrated lesson plans.

They were given sample schemes of work and lesson plan for further practice in their schools.

Delegates were guided on making and presenting directing and indirect lesson plans.

National Goals Of human Education in relation to human values

  • Rationale of goals of education and human value.
  • Policy of national goals of education compared to the policy of SSEHV
  • The essence of educare – Delegate realized that SSEHV was founded on principle of “Growing concern over the erosion and degradation of essential value and increase of Cynicism in the society, raising the need to readjust the existing curriculum to lay emphasis on cultivation of moral values divine realization

All the delegates learnt that all the related (Sub values ) that can be integrated in the curriculum for us to get the end product (Student) who does not only have  bookish knowledge but also a sound character that would transform the family, society, nation and the world at large.

Day one was crowned with games and sport s in our volley ball, basket ball and foot ball pitches.

There was a thrilling entertainment on human values presented by Sathya Sai gentleman at the auditorium before visitors and guests retired to bed at 9pm.

Day two Saturday – 8th August 2015

  1. Having learnt a lot of theory, it was time for delegates to see and observe practical lessons on direct and indirect methods of teaching in real classroom situation.
  2. H.O.P.E. – ( Honoring Our Parents Everyday)

Delegates were showered with rich content on H.O.P.E. Initiative Programme.

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’h.o.p.e/The-HOPE-Initiative-Outreach-Programme.pdf’ /]

  • H.O.P.E. prayer
  • Father as the symbol of Lord the mother as the symbol of the universal mother.
  • Looking after the parent as an inalienable birth right.
  • Parents as the cause of life
  • The resolutions and follow-ups of H.O.P.E

Kindly see the attached power point presentation on some of H.O.P.E. of content that was delivered during the workshop.3 H V – Unity of Head, Heart and Hand.

[wpfilebase tag=file path=’3hv/3HV-Presentation-2015.pdf’ /]

3 H V – Unity of Head, Heart and Hand

  • Unity of thoughts, words and deeds.
  • The head value
  • The heart value
  • The hand value

Delegates learnt that the values of the Head, Heart and Hand are the most important assets of human beings. This is the basis of the Education in Human Values (EHV)

Purity and unity of thoughts, words and deeds should be the sign of an educated person. The control of the Head, Heart and Hand is the hallmark of the character of a person.

Kindly see the attached power point presentation of 3HV which as presented during the induction.

Reactions, Recommendations and life experiences

Bro. James Kanga – (H.O.P.E Ambassadors Ruaraka)

James Kanga shared his experience in Ruaraka slums.

He told the delegates that he was very concerned about the increase of crime rate in Ruaraka mostly contributed by the slums of Mathare and Korogocho.

By God’s grace he happened to have shared the experience with Bro. Kuldip Singh.Bro. Kuldip advised him that the moral decadence in the society can be eradicated by introduction of value-based education and H.O.P.E programme in Ruaraka.

This was followed with a sharing with the Kasarani O.C.S and several meetings at Baba Dogo Primary School.

This way H.O.P.E was born in Baba Dogo and now they are proud to say that they are working for Ruaraka to be a H.O.P.E zone.

He thanked Sathya Sai management for organizing the workshop and gave special gratitude to Bro. Kuldip for taking H.O.P.E. to Ruaraka and entire Baba Dogo area.

Athi River representative from Kanaani Primary.

She appreciated the philosophy, mission and vision of the school.

She thanked the school administration for superb discipline of students and the idea of encouraging them to speak English.

She thanked the teachers for best displays in classes which had extended outside  in the corridors.

She appreciated the way Sathya Sai Schools start their lessons by asking students to sit upright, do a meditation with their eyes closed and hands on their laps.

She had learnt a lot that she promised to implement at Kanaani Primary and urged the other teachers to do the same.

Korogocho Representative

She gave an experience of 30yrs dealing with street children in Korogocho slums.

She said that she felt rejuvenated because she had got what she needed to transform her learners.

She said the workshop had been a blessing to her, teachers and children because it had brought a new dawn in her teaching profession.

Mr. Gathuku

He thanked all the attendees for being patient for two days away from their families.

He apologized to attendees who may have had their expectations  and standards not met. He told delegates that it was just a beginning for a better future.

He said the best gift teachers could give was to implement all that they had learnt. He called upon teachers to be more of parents than just teachers.

He invited all teachers to join in as the school celebrates Teacher’s Day  on 9th August  and the Founders day on 29th November 2015

He requested attendees to form a whatsApp group like (HOPE) for easy communication and sharing of knowledge.  He concluded with a wonderful food for thought; ”When a school is opened,  a prison is closed somewhere.”

Bro Gathuku announced that the Chairman of the Board of Trustees had been very much touched by the sacrifice of Felisters Mukhembi (Sai Seva) to have attended the workshop with her two year old son. The chairman allowed the child to be brought to Sathya Sai School Kisaju when he grows up and learn for free from STD 3 to STD 8. The chairman also gave the mother an envelope of appreciation for her sacrifice.

Md. Elizabeth –Ruaraka Sub County Administrator

She said Ruaraka has been a challenging area.

She informed the attendees that baby (HOPE) had been born and everyone who works there is determined to bring up the baby to change Ruaraka.

She said that most of the places in Ruaraka had been branded, ‘No-go zones’.

She thanked the Director (Bro. Kuldip) for then HOPE initiative and promised that Ruaraka would take the lead and other areas will follow.

She reiterated that it was time to act for the world to know Ruaraka is a HOPE zone. This should be evident on the character change for better

She urged everyone to take the candle of HOPE and light the whole world. She requested for fallow up meeting to evaluate the implementation process of all that had been learnt.

We thank all the delegates who attended the workshop, the organizers, facilitators and all those made this workshop a great success.

The workshop ended at 12.50 pm, Saturday 8th August 2015.

Report compiled by,

Njeru Stephen

Head Teacher