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Avatar Day & Serve The Planet 2015

Avatar’s Day was celebrated on Oct 20, 2015 at Sathya Sai School Kisaju.

Sathya Sai School Kisaju had the privilege to serve over 91 elderly and needy women from Kisaju location of Kajiado County, Kenya on 20th October 2015.

The occasion that was themed “The greatest form of worship is Selfless Service” coincided with the National Heroes day (Mashujaa Day) celebration. The school also had a double blessing to have taken gentlemen to grace the National celebration of Mashujaa day at Isinya with value based poem (shairi).

The day started by picking the Narayanas from Kisaju location chief’s office by the school’s van and the Mini van. The vans had to make 4 trips each up to 11:20am.

On arrival at school, the Narayanas were welcomed by the Directors, Bro. Kuldip, Bro. Ambi, Bro. Amardeep, Bro. Bowery, Bro. Gathuku, a number of devotees’ donors, well wishers, invited guests, the school staff and students. The Narayanas were taken around the school and then led to the dining hall where they were served with a scrumptious cup of tea and Mandazi.

By 11:00am everyone gathered at the Auditorium. The celebration began with prayers and choruses led by the students. Shortly the Headteacher welcomed the attendees and the Narayanas for the occasion .He thanked everyone who was present for availing themselves for the celebrations. He shed light to the importance of selfless service. He also talked about the founder of the school, beloved Sri Sai Baba. He emphasized on his compassion and love that gave birth to Sathya Sai School and many other schools around the world. He mentioned the Baba’s mission to reach out to the needy through selfless service .He further told the attendee that the school runs on a five pillar of inherent values of Love, Peace, Right conduct and non violence. He said that the school was a non-denominational school that believes in only one religion- the religion of love.

Our gents entertained the guests and the Narayanas with the value based poems, Shairi, skits and thrilling experiences since they joined the school. There were culturally relevant presentations that aroused the mood of the Maasai elderly ladies who joined in the dances making the occasion alive and colorful.

Bro. Kuldip (chairman of the Board of Directors) took the attendees through the selflessness of the founder of the school, beloved Sri Sathya Sai Baba. He talked about how Sai Baba started his mission of making people to realize the divinity in all creation at his tender age of 14 years old. He emphasized that Sai Baba’s compassion to helping the needy saw him start up nonprofit making schools, Universities, hospitals and massive water projects to reach out the needy worldwide.

He talked about the water projects, the special hospital in India and feed the planet programmes which have seen many needy people benefit throughout the world. He called upon the attendees to strive understand the divinity in human beings and all creations as manifestation of God. He urged all attendees to realize that love is the way to God and worship. The chairman thanked the devotees for their support for the school which he referred to as a divine project. He thanked the elderly ladies saying that they had become a blessing to the school. During the last year’s Grama Seva, they requested for a secondary school and now plans were underway for the start of Sathya Sai Secondary Kisaju.

The occasion was also graced by the area M.C.A (Member of County Assembly), Honorable David Nkrimpai. He pledged his support and that of the community to the school and its programmes. He urged the management to form a community based committee where the area leaders are involved .He urged the elderly ladies to spread the gospel of the school to the villages. He said that it is only through the value based education that the Maasai community will be liberated from ignorance and poverty.

The climax of the occasion was marked by the presentation of gifts to the elderly ladies. This was led by one of the Directors, Bro. Gathuku. Directors, Devotees, teachers and students led the exercises of handing out the gift hampers. Each gift hamper contained:

2kg sugar

2kg green grams

2kgs beans

1 blanket

1kg of salt

2kg maize meal flour

A bunch of sukuma wiki

1kg of tomatoes

Some clothes

Finally the event came to an end after each Narayana had received a gift hamper. They were taken back to Isinya and Kisaju in trips by the school van and the minivan. Indeed the day was a successful one and we thank the Board of Directors, Devotees, and the Well wishers for their sincere support during this occasion. May God bless you.