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Parenting Workshop – Oct 2015

The following are the minutes of the Parenting Session held on Saturday 3rd October 2015 from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM at the School’s Auditorium.


Mr. Njeru –Headteacher

Mr. Eric –senior teacher/facilitator

Mr. Njuguna –Teacher/facilitator

Madam Ruth-Teacher/ Facilitator

Mr. Ombati –Teacher

Mr. Lumumba –Teacher

Mr. Wainaina -Teacher

Mr. Obonyo –Teacher

122  parents,  a number of their relatives and friends.


  1. Preliminaries
  2. Roles of a parent in children’s education
  3. Fostering children
  4. H.O.P.E. programme
  5. Parents reaction and sentiments
  6. Announcements by the Headteacher

MIN: 001/03 Preliminaries

The meeting was started with a word of prayer from Pastor Richard Munyaka (parent)

Head teacher started by congratulating the parents who managed to come in time.

He guided parents on importance of parenting sessions in school. He also gave parents the insights of the prepared topics for the day and the expectations at the end of the meeting.

He welcomed the facilitators to begin the sessions.

MIN: 002/03 Parents role in children’s education (Mr. Eric)

  • Behaviors’ of the child in their homes
  • Parents’ should give their children more time by listening out to his/her views in academic at school.
  • Go through exams given and discuss
  • Give your child a supportive environment by guiding him at home.
  • Make home a loving environment
  • Encourage your child whenever he improves and stop giving empty promises.
  • When the child fails encourage him to work hard.
  • Interact with teachers and discuss the pupil’s performance.
  • Discuss the problems of your child at length.
  • Be friendly when discussing their problems.
  • When he wrongs tell him and let him knows the cost and correct.
  • Keep watching the activities of your child at home, guide him on good things.
  • Improve the study habits of your chi9ld by guiding on how to read and understand.
  • The child should have enough time of sleep and rest by helping him to understand the importance of having enough sleep and waking early
  • Parent’s behavior when correcting :

Have a balance when correcting your child, by showing love when correcting.

MIN: 003/03 Fostering values in children.(Md.Ruth)

  • We rely on the core value that the end of education is character.
  • Parents should stay with their children and discuss what the children are going through. The discussion should commence at the point from when last the parent saw the child to the time they are meeting again
  • Parents should guide their children on the good and educative channels they are supposed to watch on television and at the same time tell them the meaning of the various programmesi.e., most adverts are not good for children giving an example of gunnies advert that states that it’s an energy giving drink which is not right.
  • Congratulate your child whenever he improves academically and behavioral
  • Discipline is behind the success of a child.
  • Give your child morals by encouraging and advising them on various disciplines of life. For instance, encourage them to find their talent and nurture it.
  • Never relate your former education life with that of your child. It is harsh and unfair because times change and they are different from you as a person.
  • The parents were requested to always keep their promises when it came to the promises they promise to their children.
  • Parents should set aside a day with their children for doing something unique with their children.

She ended by reading an encouraging and guiding poem that means children imitate their parents.

MIN:004/03 HOPE  Programme Mr. Njuguna

  • It was stated that the H.O.P.E program was started in order for people to see their parents as partners with God in creation. He stated that Gents need to understand their roots (where they have come from) and appreciate their parents.
  • He went forth and explained that parents are obligated to; show their children the ultimate goal of education; appreciate their children everyday by saying sweet words to them; instill discipline in their children.
  • The parents should serve as role models by honoring their parent so that their own children should learn from them and honour them in return.
  • Parents should live in peace and respect their children regardless of their environment and not to allow the children to learn their differences. Further, he continued to state that it is the duty of parents to show the importance of children respecting them and taking care of them.
  • Parents were requested to be reciting the H.O.P.E prayer with their children to get the essence of the prayer.
  • In reality, the way parents talk to or about their own parents is the same way a child is likely to talk about them in future

MIN:006/03 Announcements by the Headteacher

The Head teacher started by thanking teachers, facilitators, and parents for making the day a success

  • He explained the fact that the school is non-denominational. He stated that the founder of the school taught that, “There is only one CASTE, the CASTE of HUMANITY, there is only one RELIGION, THE RELIGION of LOVE, with only one LANGUAGE, THE LANGUAGE OF THE HEART, and that the regions are PATHS WAYS to GOD who is OMNIPRESENT.” He elaborated that school is mainly founded on the principle of Educare which is propagated through the FIVE BASIC HUMAN VALUES: LOVE, TRUTH, RIGHT CONDUCT, NON-VIOLENCE and PEACE. Thus, he challenged the parents to practice these values so that the gents see the reality of what they are taught in school.

The head teacher continued to state that the school has a strong guidance and canceling program  based on EHV that assists both the teachers and the gents in the school.

The head teacher made several announcements. Among them were:

  • KCPE Prayer Day on the 7th day of October,
  • Visiting Day and the Academic Clinic Day on 31st Closing Day and the Founders’ Day on 29th November 2015.
  • It was announced that the school will provide questionnaires for EHV and H.O.P.E program on closing day to guide learners on how to practice values at home.
  • It was announced that all parents should sign in after reporting with their children in school.
  • Lastly, he announced that the school intends to do away with the yellow shorts as time goes by whereby navy blue tracksuit will be introduced.

MIN:005/03 Parents reactions and sentiments

  • One of the parents thanked the head teacher and his staff for ‘Parenting guidance’ because she had noticed character change in her child.She was seconded by another who indicated that the school had helped in transformation the child to a  better character.
  • Several complains were also raised;
  • Parents requested to be allowed to pay the contribution in two installments that they were not pleased by being sent away with children during the opening day.
  • Parents raised a complaint in regards to the milk program given that the gents did not get milk in some part of the previous term yet it was paid for. Their request was that proper plans should be put in place to avoid recurrence of the same.
  • Parents requested that the school should follow the Academic Calendar and stop holding students in school after other schools have closed especially during third term when the school closed three weeks after any other school
  • In reaction, to the parents’ sentiments, the head teacher said:

The gents were being compensated for the milk missed in the previous term, as they have been taking milk every day since the school opened.

  • In matters, that were beyond his jurisdiction the head teacher stated that he would take the matters to the board of directors for discussion.

MIN: 007/03 A.O.B

Since there was no A.O.B. the meeting ended at 1.30 pm with a word of prayer from Madam Ruth.

Compiled by Mr. Eric