Self Review 2016 Report

On April 30, 2016, a Self Review session was held at Sathya Sai School Kisaju.

The topics under discussion were:

  1. Characteristic and Distinctive Features of Sathya Sai Schools
  2. School Mission Statement and Philosophy of Sai Education and Educare

This is part of various self-review meetings that the Education Committee of SSIO has asked all Sathya Sai Schools worldwide to conduct.

The opening address by Bro. Kuldip Singh is presented below. The complete report can be downloaded here.

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H.O.P.E. (Honour Our Parents Everyday) intiative

HOPE Initiative

This is an inspirational story of Swami’s grace recounted by B.O.T. Chairman Bro. Kuldip Bahra.

Last week the Police Officer commanding the Ruaraka Police Station (a densely populated slum at the outskirts of Nairobi) approached us and expressed the rising incidences of Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, Alcoholism, Thefts, Child Pregnancy, Lack of Parental Care, Student Truancy, Youth Radicalization etc.

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Parenting Workshop – Jan 31, 2015

Parenting Workshop

A Parenting Workshop was conducted at the school. By Swami’s grace we had 104 parents in attendance who expressed gratitude to the School for holding these monthly sessions.

By holding these “parenting” sessions all are inducted into EHV, EDUCARE and H.O.P.E, and are made aware of school policies, targets and goals.

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Sathya Sai School – Kisaju conducts Grama Seva on Avatar Declaration Day 2014

The 2014 Grama seva themed “love is selflessness and selfishness is lovelessness” was held on 20th Oct 2014 at Sathya Sai School Kisaju.

It was a great Avatar’s Day to the Sathya Sai fraternity, Directors and devotees who had a chance to serve the Narayans.

The occasion was grace by the Chairman of B.O.D – Bro.Kuldip, directors; Bro Ambi, Bro. Amardeep and Bro, Rao.

In attendance we had devotees who included: Sis. Renaka Rao, Mrs Kuldip, Mrs Armadeep, Mr.& Mrs Kotian, Bro Arun, Bro Kapoor, Bro Pakash among the others.

We had identified about fifty narayanas who became the beneficiaries of 2014 Grama Seva.

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Teacher’s Day (Gurupoornima) Celebrations – Jul 27, 2014

Teachers Day 2014

2014 Teacher’s Day (Gurupurnima) themed “DEVOTION TO DUTY” was celebrated on Sunday 27th July 2014

Offering Homage and tribute to our founder Sri Sathya Sai Baba, the School’s fraternity decorated the buildings, Auditorium and playfields and embarked to drive the message; “Duty done with devotion, dedication and selflessness is divine worship.”

The occasion began at 10.30 am with an assembly in the front courtyard where all visitors were welcomed to the school by the Head teacher. Students conducted a march past.

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